About Jake Barlow

Jake Barlow is a Holistic Practitioner and Transformational Life Coach.


He specialises in identifying and resolving the root cause of Anxiety and developing real and authentic Self Worth, Personal Empowerment and Fulfilment.

With over 8 years experience in holistic healthcare field and having had firsthand personal experience in overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Suicide, he feels that he has found the most effective combination in what it takes to overcome Mental Health issues; having himself spent years seen several therapists, psychiatrists and counsellors, all of whom would provide a short term relief, but did not end the ongoing chronic mental ailments.

By combining multiple Holistic Healing techniques with Life Coaching, his approach is to give the perfect balance between the deep holistic, spiritual healing and of being seen, heard and understood, combined with the progressive, encouragement and motivational support of coaching for practical and tangible results. 

This can provide you with incredible personal results financially, emotionally and in relationships. Leading to more fulfilment, thriving, joy and peace in life.


As well as being a Coach, he has a background as an Intuitive Energy Healer and Shaman, practising primarily Sound Healing and Reiki.


Through his voice and his sacred drum, he has worked with several well-known and highly esteemed spiritual teachers, and has done energetic shamanic work at several sacred sites across the globe, including the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Botswana and Costa Rica. 


"My intention is to be a supportive guide and mentor for you to fully live the life you have dreamed of. I provide whatever tools that I have at my disposal, and that are deemed necessary, to ensure that you leave each session feeling empowered, relaxed and with a greater sense of clarity of purpose. Ultimately, I wish to see you lead a life in which you thrive and not merely survive; to allow abundance and deep fulfilment in all forms to come to you, on all levels - materialistically, socially, emotionally, spiritually... I serve to help you in becoming a master of Self; to help you reconnect with aspects that may have been separated, lost, forgotten, so you can feel complete and whole within yourself, as a joyful expression of Nature, Source and the Divine."

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What is Reintegration Resonance Therapy?


Reintegration Resonance Therapy is an umbrella term for Jake's modality, which is based on a series of holistic, modern and ancient approaches, shamanic practices, and modalities based in sound, that are used interchangeably in order to bring unity and full integration to all aspects of Self. These include, Shamanic Drumming, Channeling, Vocal Toning, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, Mantras, Light Language, Reiki and the Completion Process, a form of Inner Child Regression Therapy with Somatic Release.


The intention of combining these individually great and powerful modalities, is to tailor a unique and personal experience for your benefit. By approaching the issue that you may be facing from many different angles the intention is to find resolution quickly, easily and ultimately bring a sense of deep relaxation, harmony and well-being to all layers of mind, body and spirit.