June 3, 2018

Unconditional Love is a state of Being.

It is an “Is-ness”. 

It just is. 

It is pure "Being-ness", without the obstruction of a Future or a Past undermining the Present. 

It is to recognise the interconnectedness of all things.

It is the mental understanding and emotional balance that allows you to recognise that we are all the same.

Ultimately, we all want the exact same things for life. 

Here are a few - love, happiness, children, freedom from tyranny/oppression, free will/choice, growth/expansion etc

But we all have different routes that we want to take to get there, with different experiences to be had on the way.

Some people want to be on that route with...

May 27, 2018

Imagine. It's childhood. You've just built a Lego car.

It's assembled perfectly, all done according to the instructions, ideas, creative imagination and plan of its creator.

The creator is your Higher Self and the car is your physical Self, built according to a Divine Plan or Blueprint, which was devised by your Higher Self.

I want you to also imagine, that this fairly pristine and perfect lego car, is travelling down an actual, physical road known as Life.

As your Lego car traverses down this road called Life, you encounter many obstacles on your way.

Some of these obstacles are natural and unavoidable, simply a part of the makeup of the road. Thes...

May 20, 2018

I want you to imagine a very intense and triggering scene.

Just for a moment. 

I want you to imagine a little child, girl or boy, no older than 5 or 6. 

That child is innocent; full of love, wonder and joy.

She is still learning the rules of life, getting used to being a human being and understanding the world and the cruel fact that not all of herself can be fully validated.

One day, this child accidentally, or without any thought, upsets his or her parent(s). Perhaps she was just playing and something fell and broke or she made a social faux pas in front of guests that embarrassed her parents.

Now if these parents are stressed or simply unconscious,...

October 13, 2017

So many of us who are into self-help, spirituality or personal development understand that beliefs are a big deal.

We know we need to change them, we know that some of them (or maybe even a lot of them) are holding us back from achieving what it is that we so desperately and truly want for ourselves. From having the "perfect" partner, job and/or lifestyle, or simply having a sense of inner peace and tranquility that we have been craving for years.

We know that it is key to change and shift, but what exactly are beliefs? How and why are they so relevant and what can you do to change them in a way that is fun, free and fills you with joy and self-est...

July 18, 2017

Nowadays, most spiritual and psychological posts on social media are awash with the topic of empathy and narcissism. Many people have views as to the dynamics which links these two seamingly polar opposite personality traits; the common consensual view and narrative being that there is a spectrum that links the two together, in what is known as a co-dependent and parasitic relationship construct, whereby the narcissist vampirises the attention and good willed nature of the innocent victim. That is to say, the empath.

The narcissist usually does this because he/she feels powerless to self-generate positive validation and a strong self-image from within,...

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