The Unified Field Coaching Course


Since my spiritual awakening in 2010

 I have spent most of my time devoted to healing

For myself and the planetary collective

While spending day in and day out researching every topic that interested me

With the hopes of finding the answers to all of life’s greatest mysteries

Why are we here?

Why would the governments lie about aliens?

Why have we not been back into space?

Why do I feel so bad when I have everything?

No stone was left unturned







Anything and everything that caught my interest would be taken in

And with it  created a map, a blueprint, a network

Detail did not matter at first, just the desire to find the pattern

And so I allowed my curiosity to lead me to the next question and next question

It was an obsession to know and find Healing and solace for this planet


Many years later,

I believe I have found the complete model and overview 

And now, I am going backwards to add details to the framework

So that you can use for your own personal wealth, happiness and joy

The unified model that can be applied for everything and anything

I will help you draw things to you so you will get to where you want to be

To become the centring force of the Unified Field itself 

And with my expertise in the spiritual world

I will guide you as a mentor,

supporting you hand in hand

every step so you can mature to emotional independence

and then interdependence and co-creation

What you Will Learn & Gain

The True Law Of Attraction

Your Gravitational Field that will bring everything you desire to you 

Bridging the gap

Personal Playlists for Staying in High Vibration

What is your favourite song?

What is your break up song? That you cried over your ex and their heartbreak

Here in this module, we will identify your favourite artists, songs

in order to create Musical Healing playlists

The perfect tool that you need to remind yourself of the good times,

and bring you back into joy and alignment

Self Mastery is the result

Why should you choose my services?

  • I see the programmes in people very quickly 

  • I can see through your False Self to Who You Really Are on a Source Level

  • I can identify what the core patterns are immediately for you to focus on

  • Emotional Self Sustainability 

  • How to cultivate Self Trust

  •  Know the difference between Thinking how you Feel vs How it Feels in Your Body

  • How to Know your Self Worth

  • End All Self Worth Issues

  • Know How To Let go of Limiting Beliefs

  • A mentor who has first hand personal experience in overcoming Social Anxiety, Depression, and mild forms of Schizophrenia and Psychosis (The Shaman's Death)

  • Public Speaking Skills, Self Confidence and Assertiveness Training by Toning the Voice

  • Harmonisation of all Energy bodies with Sound Healing

  • New Self Narrative/Your New Life Story for integrating trauma and split personalities (triggers)

  • Core Trauma from Childhood Resolved with The Completion Process

The perspective I hold is unique

Not saying that anyone else isn’t

But rarely will you find someone

who has unified spiritual and practical teachings into pure success!

So what now?

You have 2 options 

You go back to how you were before

Or you go for this

Your choice

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