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A Short Note on Unity including Unconditional Love, Needs, Wants Desires & Expansion

Unconditional Love is a state of Being.

It is an “Is-ness”.

It just is.

It is pure "Being-ness", without the obstruction of a Future or a Past undermining the Present.

It is to recognise the interconnectedness of all things.

It is the mental understanding and emotional balance that allows you to recognise that we are all the same.

Ultimately, we all want the exact same things for life.

Here are a few - love, happiness, children, freedom from tyranny/oppression, free will/choice, growth/expansion etc

But we all have different routes that we want to take to get there, with different experiences to be had on the way.

Some people want to be on that route with you, some will choose a different route.

None are better or worse.

Because there isn’t anywhere really to go.

For wherever you go, there you are.

You are just acting out experiences with different people and circumstances to teach you how to be an integrated and whole perspective as a Self.

There is nothing external of you that will make you feel happy, only the recognition of one’s own abilities and vision of Self, disguised through the desire to manifest and achieve externally, whether in relationships, business or any other domain.

The difference between a need and a desire is key.

A need is cannot be done without. It includes physical survival needs, environmental requirements as well as the 6 Emotional Needs.

These are:

Certainty – A sense of security, safety and comfort in the world Variety – A sense of change, interest and adventure Significance – A sense of uniqueness, individuality and being special Love & Connection – A sense of acceptance, belonging and support Growth – A desire to learn, grow and evolve Contribution – The desire to give to those around us

A desire, on the other hand, is an experience you are curious about, but don’t need.

And actually, a desire is much stronger than a want.

For me, there are two types of desire - A soul desire for one's growth and expansion. It has more wisdom and prior knowledge as it can be painful at times. The other is based on an innocent curiosity to know more for the sake of it.

One is based on knowingness, the other on the unknown.

One is the drive of the masculine, to seek out, find and overcome; the other is the inquisitiveness of the feminine, to go in-depth into a subject.

Too often our needs are seen as foolish desires.

Or the desires mask the underlying need that people who judge can’t see through, and will simply dismiss.

There is a mass lack of acceptance and validation for the emotional needs and these may even be more crucial than our physical needs (you only have to look at people who stop eating when they are depressed to understand this)

When one can meet these needs, then the ability to be unconditionally loving, present and giving is natural and effortless.

Once you begin to meet these and your cup is full, you will want to share as it will overflow, for you will want others to join you in this blissful space.

This is the desire for all us now.

To find and be ourselves, not just for ourselves, but for the sake of others too.

For as we heal our wounds and integrate our shadows, there will no longer be the resistance to giving, and the unconditionality of our connection through our blood, our DNA, our humanity and spiritual essence is known and manifest here at this time, on our beautiful Gaia, the Earth Goddess' surface.

This is my desire for all of you moving forward.

Unity is the maintaining of our needs and Self, as to expand the diversity of Source consciousness and continuously know itself and the amazing things that can ever be and will be if we so choose it.

Thank you

J x

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