The changes I notice after having worked with Jake for 12 weeks are tremendous.


When I first started working with him, I had recently taken a depression test. The score told me I was "medium depressed".


I couldn't remember the last time I felt joy. 

I spent a lot of energy thinking about my past.


I held tightly on to the belief that by doing enough healing I would eventually get to a place where I would not be a burden. If I could figure out a way to be non-reactive, to not feel upset, always be at ease with whatever happened - then I would  have a good relationship with my mom and dad, I would have friends who wanted to spend time with me, I would find a romantic partner and I would feel good about myself.


To sum it up: if I could just fix myself I would be lovable. 

My perspective has shifted from believing that if I can just heal my past I will be loved in the future, to feeling like I can be loved as I am - Now! 

 Having Jake's balanced take on healing, has been the biggest gift I could ever imagine. 

Our first session focused on outlining my needs and wants, resolving the relationship with my dad, being able to receive, and to increasing my income.


I'm happy to see improvements in all areas.

I wish I could show you upward numbers as a testament to why you should consider working with Jake, but the truth is, no numbers can do him justice.

My life has improved because I have been seen, deeply.


I'm starting to feel like I have value because every aspect of me have been understood and accepted as they are. 

Not many therapists are able to do that.

I have worked with more than a dozen therapists, I have never been with someone whom I could be completely vulnerable with, not once.

I'm closer to my goals because Jake is adept at using the right tool at the right time.

 He is highly capable of doing deep inner healing, but the fact that he is not limited to that makes a great difference.


You can't process life away. Believing that you have to process anything in order to be loved is not true. 

People who want to, and are capable of, loving you as you are - they exist.


I'm starting to feel the truth in that after having worked with Jake.



When I started my sessions with Jake I had no idea what to expect.


I am happily now a Sound Healer advocate, and I would highly recommend Jake!


Aside from his obvious genuine desire to help you, he's clearly a very passionate and talented practitioner, and his down to earth and warm nature make it very easy for you to relax into the process and feel safe.


I also found his feedback and insights at the end of our sessions to be very on point and useful.


Results wise I was really pleased, no more scary lower back pains after my first session and a lot of shifts over the course of the rest of them.


I'm definitely going to continue my Sound Healing journey with Jake!


If you're thinking about it, book in with him, you won't regret it!"


London, UK

Jake instantly created a safe space feeling for The Completion Process.


After some time, I was able to let go a bit and release some painful emotions I thought impossible. 

It was an emotional experience, but I am now in a more self allowing space.


I feel a brighter light around me and feel more aligned to who I really am.

Jake naturally has the most incredible warm energy that radiates.


He has given me the opportunity to feel more integrated, and I am able to open into my own vibrational harmony.


I cannot thank you enough Jake!


London, UK

I attended Jake Barlow's Drum Bath workshop at BYC Yoga Chiswick and I am very pleased with the effect it had on me.


First of all, it's overall an interesting and unusual experience when you are submerged in the mystical sound of a drum and all tones of human voice.


The session was very therapeutic.


 I experienced vibrations, heat in different parts of my body (although not at first) and I found myself making involuntary, gentle movements.


At some points, tears even gently streamed from my eyes; strangely, they were not tears of sadness or joy, but I believe it was the release of some emotional blockages I had been keeping for a while.


The sensations were pleasant but I did not try to overanalyse them or label them, I felt tranquil and at the same time invigorated.


Since then I feel lighter, unburdened and quietly confident as if I have discovered something new about myself.


For this, I am very grateful to Jake and everybody at BYC who made it happen. 


London, UK

I undertook the Vocal Chakra Toning with Jake.


It gave me so much, not just in the moment but more importantly something to work with for the rest of my life.

Jake was very supportive and kind through the process and I felt super comfortable the whole way.


He found that right balance between instructing and giving me my own freedom to explore.


Thanks Jake!



I had 3 Sound Healing sessions with Jake in 2016. 


Jake works in a very unique and powerful way with sound for healing.


He is a direct conduit of very high source healing energy, to help you heal and transform.


He uses sound instruments such as Tibetan Healing Bowls, the Drum and his voice to transmit sounds for healing.


The transmissions from his voice give you a direct experience of being at One with very high Source energy, and this works on all levels of the energetic body.


The voice transmissions directly connect with what needs to be transformed and healed.

During the sessions, I experienced "The Source" healing working very powerfully on the cellular level. I felt the energy moving, transforming and healing.

The sessions also felt safe and very grounded.


I came out of the sessions more energised, and I felt that this contributed to an improvement in my health.

I highly recommend a session with Jake.


London, UK

"The session with Jake was extremely powerful and caused a huge shift for me in my everyday life.


He combined several techniques in a very creative way which made the session even more powerful and effective.

I could feel the energies shifting immensely and all cells in my body vibrated while he was toning and whilst he transmitted his Light Language.

I highly recommend having a session with Jake! It's awesome."


Jena, Germany

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